SBT 03

ECITB Small Bore Tubing 03 Training Course in the UK

Assemble and Install Small Bore Tubing with Cone & Threaded Medium and High Pressure Module

Course Duration
2 Days

Course Content:
Minimum estimated trainer to learner contact time 12 hours, minimum of four practical exercises consisting of coning exercise, threading exercise, marking out/cutting/prepping and bending tube and marking out/cutting/prepping and bending rolled offset.

  • Coned and threaded connection tubing requirement.
  • Coned and threaded connection overview.
  • How to measure tubing for coned and threaded connections.
  • Coning and threading process (using manual tooling).
  • Coned and threaded connection installation (assembly, disassembly and reassembly).
  • Tube and component selection.

vTube and component storage and handling.

  • Tube and component installation and maintenance.
  • Tube and component assembly, disassembly, reassembly Common do’s and don’ts.
  • Differences between taper and parallel threads and how to identify both.
  • Thread lubricants, sealants and tapes and how to use both correctly.
  • Tube cutting.
  • Tube de-burring.
  • Tube bending.


Practical exercises include:


  • Manual Tube Coning.
  • Manual Tube Threading.
  • Cone and threaded fitting installation.
  • Marking out/cutting/prepping and bending tube gain.
  • Marking out/cutting/prepping and bending rolled offset.


PPE Requirements:
Safety Footwear
Eye Protection
Ear Protection

This two day Cone & Threaded Medium and High Pressure course is aimed at learners with no previous small bore tubing training and covers bending theory as well as health & safety etc.